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With BeX® ERP in the cloud, you can concentrate on doing business.



BeX® ERP and retail system supports sales in all channel, which is called multi-channel or Omni-channel retailing.
BeX® is delivered as a service in the cloud which means that you can access BeX®  from any device wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection.

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Benefits with BeX solutions compared to traditional business models:

The customers do not have to invest in hardware, licenses and other yearly expensive maintenance costs. One will instead pay a fixed monthly fee entirely customized to the actual usage.
No costs for updates. This model means that the customer gets continuing updates and access to new functions and should under normal circumstances not notice software updates.
The users do always have access to the system no matter where in the world they are located. The only demand is that they have to have access to a web browser and a working Internet connection. No other demands on the capacity of the computer exists.
The customer often pays a fixed monthly fee and can, as the denunciation time is short, cancel and change supplier and/or system. One difference compared to a bought system is that the customer can decrease the number of users and therefor their costs if there is a change in need. Traditional suppliers do not accept take backs on sold licenses.
The customers do not need competence of their own regarding technique, servers and maintenance. The customers that apply SaaS often have restricted staff costs for IT.



Customer testimonials:


“You have given us great confidence in your knowledge and in Bex® .” says Jan Wallmark, CEO Magasin Mathilde.


“It is a pleasure working with the specialists in the company. We strongly recommend the company Perfect It, the product Bex®  Online and the people that makes everything happen.” says Per Braun, one of the founders of Katarina & Vänner.

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“Bex® manages everything we want to do. There has been a significant upgrade compared to before.” says Lars Rabenius, CEO of Best of Brands.


“BeX® provides us with a solution which we feel we can grow with without running the risk of losing quality,” says Art-ong Songdon, e-commerce manager of


“BeX® Online has given our activities a very good and stable platform that we can grow us even stronger with.“ says Marcus Tagesson, CEO of Babyshop.


“Since we changed ERP-system to Bex®  Online, most of our work is easier and we have created a lot of time for other things because the system is adapted to our needs.” säger Mattias Grönlund, CEO Hollywood.

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“Give a praise to the inventors! It feels like they have understood the position of an average experienced user and have created an intelligible and logical system.” says Hans Edblad, CEO Edblad